Boat trip

The Giant & the Witch


1.195 DKK

All year - by appointment

Group: 1-12 persons

Time: approx 3 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

RIB62 takes you on board at the harbor of Eiði.

The trip goes from Eiði to the beach of Tjørnuvík. From Tjørnuvík we take you to Skendir and in to Látursgjógv. Látursgjógv is one of the most spectacular caves of the Faroe Islands. From Látursgjógv we head towards The Giant and the Witch, two of the most famus seastacks in the Faroes.

After greeting the Giant and the witch we head back to the harbour in Eiði.
On the way you will see the most of the seabirds of the islands such as puffins, guillemots, kittiwakes, terns, fulmars, eaterbirds, cormorants and others.


**Remember departure from Gamlarætt..!