Cave swimming Klæmintsgjógv


1300 DKK

All days from 29 June - 31 August 2020

Group: 2-24 persons

Time: approx 2 1/2 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

Cave swimming – Klæmintsgjógv Hestur
Klæmintsgjógv may be the world’s largest sea cave. Preliminary measurements show that Klæmintsgjógv measures approx. 350,000 cubic meters. If these preliminary measurements are correct, Klæmintsgjógv is approx. 130,000 cubic meters larger than Rikoriko located in New Zeland and listed as the world’s largest sea cave.
The climbing wall is only accessible from the sea and by boat. It’s like entering a completely different world when the boat slowly slides into this huge cadredal. The fantastic play of light is never the same where the sun and water meet like long lost friends . A kaleidoscope of light and color reflects on the rock wall and under the cave’s ceiling. From the opening itself, we sail approx. 200 meters into Klæmintsgjógv before we go ashore. From here we can go further approx. 100 meters horizontally further under this magnificent natural creation. From the bottom of the cave we can see two openings, west and to the south. Here begins a life changing experience when together we jump into the crystalline ocean. As we reach the water, nature takes its course as the ocean currents move us slow through the cave. The caves show a story of color, beauty and history as we flow through this breathtaking landscapelet filling our senses to the brim.

Practical information
Meet at the time at. 1540. It takes some time to change and get ready for the trip. Our instructors accept me and instruct you in the safety on board the boat and in the water. At least one of our instructors will always be in the water with you. Remember to wear warm and loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable to wear before under the dry suit.
Remember changing clothes so you have dry warm clothes to wear if you get wet.

Public bus 101 from the bus terminal in Tórshavn to Gamlarætt Price DKK 40, –
Taxi Tórshavn to Gamlarætt DKK 185, – / 215, (day and night prices) – Auto Taxi tel. +298 311234
If you drive in your own car and have difficulty finding your way, we recommend that you use google maps or similar. Enter “Gamlarætt ferryport” and google will show you the way.

If the weather does not allow us to sail or swim as planned, the trip can be changed to another destination or other content.