One island one family
2018/03/23 09:34:16


4.500 DKK (private tour)

1 May - 30 Sep 2019

Group: 12-14 persons

Time: approx 3 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

Our boat takes you to Koltur from our base in Gamlarætt, Streymoy. Only two people reside in Koltur, and the island has the lowest mountain in the Faroe Islands, “Fjallið”, which means “The Mountain”. It measures 331 feet. The trip includes a guided tour in the restored settlement, heima í Húsi, which is the oldest in the Faroe Islands. Also included is black or white coffee with home-baked waffles. You can consider it to be a treat concluding your first trip to Koltur. We return to Gamlarætt.

**Remember departure from Gamlarætt, Streymoy..!