Fountain woman


760 DKK

From 27 May 2024

Group: 1-12 persons

Time: approx 1.5 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

The trip goes from Vágsbotn in Tórshavn. From Vágsbotn, current and wind decide, which way we sail around the island. If the weather conditions are good, we dwell by the caves on the east side.

Down south we see the cozy lighthouse built from 1891-1893 and the scenic Fountain Woman.

We also get to watch all the birds in the area; i.e. guillemots, razorbills, puffins, black guillemots, shags, eiders, kittiwakes and fulmars. Often we spot seals that eighter are basking in the sun or swimming in the sea.


This trip starts brom Undir Bryggjubakka 11, Tórshavn…!!!!