Rent a hot tub & sauna


2.950 DKK pr. day

All year

Up to 16 persons

If the mountain will not come to the hot tub and sauna, the hot tub and sauna go to the mountain! Rent our portable wellness rig with a jolly Jacuzzi and a sudatory shaped as an old oak barrel.
o an abandoned village? To some hill with a view? To your own hidden bay? DIP62 consists of a trailer with a hot tub and sauna. This portable paradise is about enjoying life in the Faroese nature. We bring and heat up the tub and sauna at noon and come to collect the trailer 22 hours later. DIP62’s daily rental includes wood fuel and gas.
Transport fee is calculated in relation to distance from Tórshavn. Heating time is one hour for the sauna and three hours for the tub.